This Is Cold. BRRR!

I tried watching The Social Network this past weekend. I lasted all of ten minutes. The personality portrayed in those first few minutes was too much. The void of any warmth or feeling of humanity kept whacking me like if I was being beaten by a baseball bat. Money is convenient, no doubt. But trading our humanity for it? How can that ever work?

Now here I am minding my own business reading the tech news this morning and I was thrown back in my seat trying to watch that same scene and experiencing the same horrid feeling. When the hell are we going to get a friggin clue?

Turns out there’s a new app, a Breakup Notifier for Facebook to notify guys when a woman changes her status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’. It does this in a way that is supposedly unbeknownst to the woman. WTF???

I’m waiting for one changing status from living to dead to notify the vultures to come pick over the carcass.



5 thoughts on “This Is Cold. BRRR!

    1. You’ll be glad to know flower that some measure of sanity actually exists in this universe.

      Read the article to the end and you see revealed how absurd this has all become. It appears the app was very popular and that is why FB banned it and it’s author. Not necessarily out of concern for patrons of FB. The truth of what may have transpired behind the scenes remains a mystery. Sounds like a trailer for a movie that might not do so good at the box office. Ha!

  1. cmaukonen

    I wonder if there is one for Wall Street to inform them that the bubble has changed status from building to popped and for the government to change the economic status from expanding to shot to hell.

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