Why don’t they get it ?

I have heard over and over on various blogs etc. people on the left – very intelligent people – ask in one way or another “Why don’t these people (meaning generally those on the right and some in the middle) Get It ?  How can they be so ignorant ? So naive ? Don’t they see what is happening to this country ? How can they still support failed policies ?” Europe and Scandinavia and other places get it.

Well it has to do with life experiences. Both individual and collectively. This country as a whole and people themselves here in this country do not have the same experiences that the rest of the world has had.  Face it we have lived a very charmed life here. I would even go as far as to say we here in this country are spoiled rotten. We have never had a major situation that physically and emotionally traumatized it ever.  And no 9/11 and Pearl Harbor do not count.  I mean we have not ever been invaded by anyone and had our cities and country side bombed and trod upon by other armies. We have never had some tyrannical oppression that effected the majority of the people. Except those who have served in some major conflict over seas, most people in this country have never had anything more devastating happen to them than losing their dog or cat.

Most people in this country go ballistic over inconsequential situations simply because the have never had the experiences necessary to prepare them mentally  for anything more intense than that. And culturally not much more.  We don’t even want to hear about it. I watched the Ken Burns documentary WAR on PBS. One of the things that really struck me was when those who had been held captive by the Japanese on the Philippines returned home after finally being rescued attempted to tell about their ordeal, nobody wanted to hear it.  People in this country cannot even handle this stuff second hand.

We have the seemingly crazy Tea Party people and the Glenn Becks and Michele Bachmanns because these people have lived their entire lives in nearly complete isolation of the rest of the world and have had little or no major inconvenience, let alone trauma,  in their lives to relate to.  There is a vast difference between those who have had such experience and those who have not as to how they deal with the world and view it.  They react to things that are scary to them do to inexperience with them and pounding them with facts will not change their minds. You simply cannot argue emotions with data. Just ask any parent of a 2 year old child who is going to the dentist for the first time.

This is in no way an excuse for their actions. Simply an explanation.


4 thoughts on “Why don’t they get it ?

  1. My parents and grandparents went to war or experienced rationing in the strictest sense.

    Everybody sacrificed.

    Vietnam had my generation scared to death since millions were being drafted.

    We don’t have anything to do with these wars unless we work in the defense industry.

  2. cmaukonen

    And none of this is the same as having stuff dropped on you day and night. It is not the same to visit the dessert as to live there. But I digress. I really do not think there is an answer simply because there are far to many variables involved. At least as far as the country as a whole is concerned.

    I do believe that any work and or action must be focused locally to have the most effect on the the people. Washington will be of no help and state capitols little more as they have not clue how to handle a society that is collapsing. It is beyond their collective and individual experience.

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