Taking it to the streets.

This post will undoubtedly piss off a lot of people here. So be it. I hope people do get pissed off but I also hope they direct their anger toward those who are making life miserable.
We have seen over the past couple of weeks protests in the Middle East and Italy and now here in Wisconsin and Ohio. Union employees and teachers all fighting for their right to organize and demand the best working conditions and wages, which those on the political right (and more than a few on the left) would rather they did not have. I applaud them for this.

I am a baby boomer and have attended a number of protest marches myself while living up in Cleveland Ohio. I was there from just after the Kent State until 1972 or so. But I watched with dismay the protests against the invasion of Iraq, the republican and democratic conventions and even some of those against NAFTA and G8. With protesters all gathering in Protest Pens.

Protest Pens ??!! WTF !!!!????

I have a flash for you people. There was no way in seven different hells we would have put up with that action. Not for one bloody minute. I also attended an anit-war rally here in O’Town Fl.. that was supposed to be against the Iraq invasion. it was the most pathetic, wussy event I have ever seen. The attendees we acting like it was some outing in the park.  And those held in NY and else where with costumes ?? What I am saying is that during the civil rights marches and the anti-war protests or the 1960s and 1970s we were serious because we knew the other side was serious. We marched know full well that there was a very real possibility of injury and after Kent State even death. But this did not detour us. Any more than it detoured those who marched and protested for Union rights in the past.  And speaking of Unions, why is it that those who see them selves as Professionals – those with degrees of some sort  –  think they are some how below this ? And some how below picketing and marching and protesting ? I have another flash for you – those on the right are just as happy screwing you as the they are the blue collar works. Make no mistake. So take your self importance down a couple of pegs.

This is WAR people and make no mistake the enemy has no intention of negotiating anything. It was suggested in chat the other night that we need to practice protesting. Well maybe so, but I do not remember anyone from my generation who were involved in the protests needing any practice letting people know where we stood and how we felt. They were planned, yes. But the event spontaneous and I do not think that the people of Tunisia and Egypt had a dress rehearsal for their protests either.


8 thoughts on “Taking it to the streets.

  1. gregorzap

    A few weeks ago, I went bowling and brought my own bowling ball from 7th grade. No one on my team was older then my bowling ball. It’s times like that I realize that I have become old. And it is articles like these that remind me how little this next generation knows about our history, not so long ago. We can educate them if we share our searches like this on Facebook. So many friends can read what we share, and from there things can go viral. The effect the web can have on what is happening in Wisconsin , can also encourage these youngsters to use their voices to keep the web free, because after Egypt, it is clear democracy will thrive in this arena. It is also clear that authoritarians who wish to rule in spite of the voices of the people, will suppress the voices of those people by turning off web access. Iran did it first, when they had their revolts a couple years ago, but we ignored that trespass at our own peril. Since Egypt is solidly in our sphere of influence, we were not silent and it provided the people with the unity and support for each other then enabled them to succeed. In these other nations, whose people are bubbling up under the blanket of their rulers, we have less interest. But the lesson is clear and people, especially the young, need to realize how important the web really is and fight to keep it free.

    1. I think to be on intimate terms with freedom is not so easy a task. One could read every book ever written about it and more and not know it.

      I have no sense of what it might take to give ones life to have it. And yet here we are thinking or talking about it in words that I am sure can at best only begin to aquaint ourselves with it. Thus we see how difficult it is for each generation to cherish and to protect it. And be willing to do so at the drop of a hat, with our lives if necessary.

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