Republican House Fires First Volley at Social Security

Well it turns out that house republicans aren’t going to be kept from screwing with Social Security as quickly as possible.

According to THIS piece up on TPM they’re going after slashing the operating budget which is used to pay the administrative costs. You know, the person who answers the phone on the other end when you give Social Security a jingle. Republicans are going to do anything they can to undermine Social Security. And they could care less how many people get hurt in the process or the fact that Social security is a solvent system.


4 thoughts on “Republican House Fires First Volley at Social Security

  1. cmaukonen

    I don’t freaking believe these people. How can they be so totally and utterly clueless ?! he they are arguing over monopoly rules, totally convinced that Their Way is the only way. When the rest of the world does not give a wet slap about monopoly. They have moved on.

    We don’t need a revolution. What we need are some people with 2x4s going up to capital hill and smacking these clown against the side of the head to get their attention. Then force them to listen to what us really happening.

    That nobody cares about their economic beliefs and piss ass little games because the game changed years ago.

    1. cmaukonen

      I remember way back in 1985 there was a prototype factory in Kentucky (as unlikely as it may seem) just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati making automotive parts that ran three shifts. The third shift was totally unmanned except for a couple of computer operators in a control room. The whole dam factory, everything, was automated. Not a human in sight on the factory floor.

      This was the death kneel of free market capitalism. It is now dead and buried.

      1. You were talking about a war going on C.

        Yeah, there is a war.

        Handicap SS, destroy collective bargaining, lower taxes for corporations and the rich….

        Bloody bloody battles will ensue.

    2. All the nuts have been let free of the asylum C. No doubt about it. The wack job in Wisconsin has the cheeseheads going ballistic. And Boehner is the most clueless of the bunch. I don’t remember a house speaker with a more vacant look.

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