Like If We Didn’t Know This

I suspect that the Iraq fiasco will be embroiled in controversy for decades.

Today the person known as ‘Curveball’ renounced all he said as a pack of lies which he has said were told in order to bring down Saddam Hussein.

None of this makes any difference because in the end the Bush administration did what they wanted for their own purposes. The total of available intelleigence, including this from ‘Curveball’, was hopelessly ambiguous and conflicted and in no way had enough credence to support attacking a sovereign state. Every life lost and every dollar spent on this endeavor was wrong in every way. What the Bush administration did was a criminal act. No oubt about it. At least in my mind this will remain the crime of the century. And maybe the greatest criminal act ever committed against the United States by any entity foreign or domestic. LINK


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