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Michael Medved, Republican and radio host and former President of the Russian Federation took some space in Murdoch’s rag to rag on FOX News.

An avowed conservative when he is not panning great movies, M & M takes umbrage at some things Palin and Beck and others have to say about the President of the United States of America.

In a February 14 Wall Street Journal op-ed, conservative radio host Michael Medved criticized Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for their “distasteful charges” that President Obama is, in Palin’s words, “purposefully weakening America.” Medved further wrote that Obama’s “most paranoid critics” label him “as the political equivalent of a suicide bomber: so overcome with hatred (or ‘rage’) that he’s perfectly willing to blow himself up in order to inflict casualties on a society he loathes.”

From Medved’s op-ed, titled, “Obama Isn’t Trying to ‘Weaken America'”:

This history makes some of the current charges about Barack Obama especially distasteful–and destructive to the conservative cause.

…they label Mr. Obama as the political equivalent of a suicide bomber: so overcome with hatred (or “rage”) that he’s perfectly willing to blow himself up in order to inflict casualties on a society he loathes.


Kristol and Krauthammer and George Will and a host of other conservative pundits have criticized ignorant teabaggers from time to time. It is not their normal practice of course, but they are beginning to feel an embarrassment.

And like the former President of the Russian Federation, none of these students of William Buckley, Jr. are running for anything.

Without exception, those ‘running’ or ‘threatening to run’ for the highest office in the land would not join in these criticisms by the Buckley Right.

Ricky Santorum, a guy who looks like he’s a member of the Gay Christian Association, when he does attack Queen Sarah, retracts his criticism within hours.

This is the same type of cowardice demonstrated by Steele when he was figurehead for the RNC.

Pawlenty, Minnesota’s own mealy mouth repub, was supposed to be the voice of moderation and sounded like rush and beckerhead as he all but called Obama a  traitor.

Senator Thune from our neighbor state dittoed Pawlenty’s traitorous slams against our President.

Haley Barbour has our President whistling in the graveyard.

John Bolton wishes to nuke our President’s  hometown.

I could go on and on about the real traitors to our country running under the repub banner for the next 20 months, but what is the point.

No frickin way.

And the republican leaders in Congress will not directly attack anyone on the right.

Boehner will not even fully disavow  birthers.

This depresses me and gives me heartburn.

I just find it ironic that a Ruskie like Medved would take the time to stand up for Our President and Our Country!!




  1. I think this may be a birds of a feather thing Dick. While Medved and Obama may not be directly even on the elite food chain of power they are contemporaries. I’ve a sense that this is the equivocation being made. Medved is defending the top tier elites, of which he is arguably a member, against all comers, right or left. This is the class war being fought at the very highest level.

    Consider this. For three decades, even though Mubarack was a thoroughly contemptible person, he was at or near the top of the food chain of power elites in the Middle East. And was welcome in the U.S. and in the WH on several occasions.

    I think this is a recognition between power elites without regard to how that power was obtained, of how it has been wielded or relative to any particular political formulation.

    1. I perceive some class aspects here; or at least elitism also TPC.

      But I,as I sit in my pj’s am an elitist to an extent.

      I mean I appreciate people who actually read and write and know that Breitbart is a jackass.

      But watching Hatch sweat blood rather than stand up like a man and rebuke ignorance really pisses me off.

  2. ~flowerchild~

    It could just be the beginning of the return swing of the pendulum, Mr. Day. (This is me being optimistic in case you didn’t recognize it.)

  3. cmaukonen

    Oh DD, I watch RT (Russia Today) when I remember it’s on and they have a lot to say about the USA. Some times it’s even good.

    1. Russia today!! ha

      Sounds really interesting.

      Khrushchev was so impressed by our country in the 50’s. He could not believe the suburban sprawl and the number of projects.

      The Ruskies still could learn so much from us and we could learn so much from the Ruskies.

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