Somebody, Please, Help Me To Understand…

Because I’m reading this over and over and I still can’t figure it out.  I can’t figure out why this bill is needed, I can’t understand how it passed, and I can’t comprehend what it means.  Truly, I can’t.

Hat-tip to TPM and to Professor B for bringing it to my attention today.

Now, somebody (preferably, a lawyer?) please explain this to me.  Please.   Because if no one can explain it to me, then I have no choice but to think that a) I am stupid or b) this country is insane.


4 thoughts on “Somebody, Please, Help Me To Understand…

  1. cmaukonen

    The correct answer is B. This country is insane.

    Now what do we have for the inmates, Johnny ?

    Well for the Ladies…From Spidel the latest in watch bands….

  2. Rachel went over this issue tonite.

    They wish to ensure the birth of each and every fetus and yet they wish to give the baby nothing; no health benefits, no prenatal care or post natal care by the by even before it is born.


    Hate for something that could never cause the hater any fear.

  3. I saw this too Lis and was no less confused than you. Personally, I think you’d have to twist logic in unfathomable ways to make the least bit of sense of this. If I were you I wouldn’t spend any time trying to figure this out. You’ll make yourself crazy.

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