Two Good Reasons To Smile Today

So here I am at the office, eating a delicious Monte Cristo and perusing the headlines, when lo and behold, I fell upon two stories that gave me even more pleasure than my yummy sandwich!

Seems the Right is coming up against some stumbling blocks in their efforts to take away our rights:,0,7419397.story?track=rss

 Read, and smile!

And, um, no…I don’t mind sharing my news stories with you, but keep your hands off my Monte Cristo!


12 thoughts on “Two Good Reasons To Smile Today

      1. It was delicious. They gave me maple syrup on the side but it didn’t need it. It was great just the way it was. I’m gonna have to ask the cafeteria dudes to include it on the menu more often.

        1. ~flowerchild~

          This is the first time I have heard about a Monte Cristo. Seriously. I had to look it up on the Google. Holy crap. That is one awesome sounding sammich. I don’t get the jelly/jam/preserve/syrup thing, though. Does a touch of sweetness make it taste better?

          And for desert, would a deep fried Snickers bar be appropriate? 🙂

          1. I hadn’t heard of it until about a year ago, myself, Flower. So don’t feel bad. In this particular case, the sandwich consisted of turkey, ham, swiss and American cheese on French Toast. The egg batter had a bit of cinnamon in it, just enough to add some sweetness but not enough to be overpowering. As I said, I was given maple syrup on the side, but to me that just seemed TOO sweet, and I’ve never been one to mix maple syrup with cheese (odd idea, that), so I skipped the syrup and ate the sammich plain instead.

            It’s perfect when the slices of ham and turkey are slightly broiled or heated up in a skillet and the cheese is allowed to melt on top before being placed on the bread.

            As for a deep fried Snickers bar, LOL…I’ve never heard of that either but right now it sounds kinda GOOD! 😀

  1. The people of Arizona have paid a very dear price at the hands of their whack job governor. I suspect the local political climate is very contentious. It’ll be interesting to see if there isn’t some manner of political backlash given the mess they’ve gotten themselves in.

    I’m not saying all but there have to be some people in Arizona who are wanting to rethink just what the heck they’ve done. Just think of the heat the governor is getting from businesses. Local and state business lobby has to be pointing their finger directly at the governor. I wouldn’t want to be Jan Brewer for nothing.

      1. This easily translates more broadly to the whole country Lis. And if I’m not mistaken we’ve been feeling the effects of it for some time.

        It may not be exactly the same driving force nationwide but our economic woes are still very much the result of an applied bias. It’s evident that this is a class bias and it could not be occurring without government having allowed the huge consolidation within the financial services sector.

        The ability of the private sector to manipulate our national economic unit should never have been allowed. This insane rush to hand everything over to the private sector saying they can do it better is turning out to be completely false. Reversing this is going to be the job from hell.

  2. cmaukonen

    The one item that is at the top of the right wing agenda is their desire to make this country a Whites Only society like it was up until just after WWII. That is their primary Raison d’être. And only slightly less so for the GOP in general. And as long as ti does not interfere with businesses bottom line, business is just fine with it.

    1. cmaukonen

      Oh and this is why there really is not contradiction to these people screaming bloody murder about entitlements and then donating to their local charity, religious or other wise.

      Because you can bet your sweet bippy that none of THAT money goes toward the minorities they despise. Since they also sit on the boards of said charities.

    1. You’d be hard pressed to find anything the republican house is offering legislatively which works to the benefit of the majority of citizens. In spite of this one sided effort, I suspect voters will go to the polls in the next general and display their usual stupidity. Contributing mightily to this is the myth of the liberal media. Politics is fueled by high octane lies.

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