Surprise! Surprise! Obama Challenges the Chamber of Commerce – On Their Turf!

Nobody called this one. Obama addressed the COC and in every way called them out to deliver the goods. Haven’t seen this act so much. While I see some promise in this, I’ll remain a skeptic for the moment. Political theater being what it is I’ve grown more than a little wary of words spoken by politicians. This could well be Obama easing into campaign mode. It may also be our intro to the direction the new staff in the WH is going to move the political dialog. Only the shadow knows.



8 thoughts on “Surprise! Surprise! Obama Challenges the Chamber of Commerce – On Their Turf!

  1. MSNY

    Count me as one of the people on the left groaning at the President’s decision to address these bastards.

    The Chamber has worked against almost every effort made by this administration from the environment to foreign trade, to energy, to Wall Street and now to sanctions on Iran (even if they got cold feet after reports about it surfaced.)

    1. I’m sure in the run up to this address there were a lot of groans from the left that Obama was giving them the time of day. You’ve given good reason for him not to. We all know they’re hoodlums. Maybe that’s why Obama didn’t let them off the hook. They haven’t done a thing to play ball so maybe he figured he didn’t owe them the time of day. Instead Obama told them to get in the game. I may be wrong but I think this is the first address I know of where he went on the offensive like this.

      1. MSNY

        And sadly there is almost ZERO coverage of the address – other than Drudge gloating yesterday that the attendees only applauded Obama twice in 35 minutes.

        Alas, I don’t have much faith in the President’s ability to take the game to the Chamber…but hope springs eternal.

        1. I thought about that. It was pretty gutsy that Obama decided to make this address. You gotta hand it to him. He doesn’t lack nerve. I can’t think of a repub pres in recent memory that’d go into the lions den like that.

          1. MSNY

            It strikes me that what Obama needs to do is tweak the terms of the debate. He’s done what they’ve asked. He’s extended their tax breaks. He’s gutted health care and financial reform because they fear-mongered economic demise if he didn’t.

            He needs to keep the pressure on them to hire. He needs to repeatedly attack them for reaping record profits this past year. He needs to keep reminding people that the market is also flying high – a sign that corporations are enjoying success.

            He needs to put the onus of job creation back on Big Business.

            And on a broader front, he needs to attack the Republicans for not only opposing public sector jobs, but defending the corporations that have fully bounced back from the crisis and are, as he says, ‘sitting on their hands.’

            If this is his strategy, it can work – only if he’s willing to cross them. But the way he’s surrounded himself with people from JP Morgan, GE, and Goldman Sachs, I don’t see it happening.

            1. I’ll grant there is a lot of contradiction in all of this. In this we see epitomized the ethical corruption that has overtaken the national political scene.

              So much of what would have been an impossible stretch once upon a time is now perfectly fine. Top to bottom the entire political hiearchy is locked into this web of corruption. They’ve redefined the terms for everything to suit their purposes and thrown the country under the bus in the process.

              Obama has made only a feeble attempt to stem this tide. In a sane world the financial community would have been on the hook for the disaster they wrought. The will to fix it just isn’t there. In part because it would be painful and in part because of the corruption.

              That we are left living with such a horrid condition doesn’t bode well for the future.

              Fixing this in some organized, albeit painful way, is far better that waiting for the chaotic collapse that is sure to come. The moral decay we know exists doesn’t come without a price.

    1. …good press

      Never have I had a sense of us as mushrooms like I have at the moment. Everything is scripted and finely tuned for pubic consumption.

      We’re MIA (Missing in America) in a war of words. And you want crazy here’s crazy. There’s all of us with way many more words than the the idiots in Washington and were fucking losing!!! It’s like we’re not even on the same stage with the idiots or have a part to play.

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