Didn’t See This Coming

Popped up the news this morning and what’s there but an announcement that HuffPo is being bought by AOL. Could have knocked me over with a feather.

Like it or not the HuffPo is a very high profile site on the net and I think AOL is getting a sweet deal. And they’re getting Arianna. A politically, media and business savvy NY celeb. There is going to be some head scratching going on with this one. I can see some WTF’s coming from late night TV.

The thing about this is AOL is so yesterday. This may be a tough sell for net denizens. Maybe AOL can pull it off. I did a quick scan of posters responses to the news on MSNBC and it doesn’t appear to lean positive.

I don’t think this can work unless AOL does a 100% makeover of their site and all their services. It’s a total piece of crap. This’ll be especially true if HuffPo site is somehow integrated into AOL. AOL is toxic for anybody under 40. Changing the AOL image is going to be a job from hell.

Arianna has to know all of this. She must have been given a lot of rope to do some serious redecorating. Probably even more than just stripping AOL to the bare walls. Some major foundation work is in order as well. Arianna is an interesting person and I wish her well. But I hope her lawyers have drawn up a rock solid prenup. LINK


2 thoughts on “Didn’t See This Coming

    1. Time Warner dumped the AOL unit over a year ago now. AOL has been struggling to remake itself ever since. Unfortunately the hyper competitive marketplace they’re in has made it tough slogging. AOL serves a demographic that isn’t very open to the possibility of change. Advert revenue then is limited and hurts their bottom line.

      They have no way out except to jettison what they’ve been doing since forever. It’s either bite the bullet and have investors heading for the doors, at least temporarily, or close up shop. AOL has been dead for years but was in such a pitiful state that nobody bothered to bury the corpse. Carrion on the information superhighway.

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