We Face Choices of Great Consequence

I am beside myself on this. I’ll leave it to you.



15 thoughts on “We Face Choices of Great Consequence

    1. That’s it, C. We can no longer be friends. If we can’t agree on this, the most important issue of our times, then…that’s it. Our friendship is over.


      1. cmaukonen

        Being and non-being create each other.
        Difficult and easy support each other.
        Long and short define each other.
        High and low depend on each other.
        Before and after follow each other.

        Tao Te Ching

        Over and Under complement each other.


  1. Barth

    I recall Archie Bunker lecturing his son in law, Mike Stivic, about this but I don’t remember the respective positions.

    Whatever Mike advocated; that’s my view.

  2. I had always thought over to be the most suitable approach to this.

    As it turns out recent surveys support over as the winner. Over gets the nod at around 70%.

    I made an apple pie this morning before I posted this. One has to have their priorities in order.

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