We’re No Different Than Egypt and Will Suffer the Same Fate.

This is amazing. I look around the web and see all this information just pouring out and observe all these in your face parallels and I’m in wonderment of the extent to which we are doing all the same stuff. And you just know it’ll produce the same result.

We may not have the same system but it’s no less subject to becoming corrupt. It’s very clear that the prior administration very wrongly evaluated the intelligence data on Iraq. Not only was it wrong but it was criminally wrong. The conclusions reached cannot have been arrived at except in the presence of a corrupt moral and ethical code. To this day the principles stick by their evaluation in spite of the factual contradictions which state the opposite.

We have the very same thing going on with our banking system. It is horribly corrupt and is growing worse. Our banking system is a very important and very major social institution. There is great consequence in what they do. In spite of their conducting themselves in an inappropriate way they’ve elected to ignore and shift blame for the irreparable damage to the nation and to the lives of every citizen. Just the very same as has occurred in Egypt. And Obama is no less culpable than any other as a member of the group of persons who have brought this about. He has paid only lip service to correcting it. There is no getting around this.

Then we come to our military which has been allowed to take all manner of liberties with our freedoms. Again we have the same ethical and moral corruption in evidence. Not a shred of difference.

When you take all of these and collectivize them it paints a very scary picture. We are very clearly and very seriously threatened as a nation. From the inside. I’ve no doubt that this collective conduct is a root cause for 9/11. In the same way the people of this nation are threatened so are those of other nations and regions. The political and religious differences and the lack of respect for those differences have produced this threat and the response to it. This is human nature 101. It is producing all the same dismal results that we know and recognize and yet our national leadership refuses to recognize them and in fact vehemently denies them.

This is definitely systemic. We see the same ethical and moral corruption throughout the political enterprise. The void of honesty and objectivity cannot be captured with mere words. The scope of it is beyond our ability. Viewing this from the inside is an exercise in futility. We laugh and ridicule the crazy stuff being voiced by this new congress but don’t full well realize the seriousness of the insanity being expressed. In my estimation there does not exist among our elected officials the skills, the knowledge or the wisdom to understand any of this. They don’t see any of the relationships between all the pieces and how they interact and how they must all have common elements of ethical and moral conduct as their underpinnings.

I’m thinking this is what happens when you are of a class where you never have to admit to, accept or be held to account for your mistakes. We see this in our legal and our social code where individuals or corporations frequently pay huge fines but are relieved of any personal accounting for their wrongdoing. Unfortunately, in the moral sense that’s a necessary ingredient for human learning to happen. With money you can buy a lot of stuff. I think in the distinctions of class, we erase the notion of us being human peers, along with our humanity. In the end wisdom has no price. It comes only from hard lessons. And an effort most will never know.

The final kicker is there is this infinity of what we don’t know and can’t comprehend that just hands us our asses every friggin’ time. Aw shit.

Spring better get here in a hurry.


10 thoughts on “We’re No Different Than Egypt and Will Suffer the Same Fate.

  1. When you read old stories, or watch the old movies based on old stories, you see that corruption is entrenched, and small victories are to be cherished. America has a storyline that corruption is limited here, but the longer I live the less I believe it.

  2. Barth

    You and Glenn Beck need to take a deep breath. This event is about Egypt and the arab nations of the middle east. It is not about the United States. We have had five different presidents since Mubarak took over following the assassination of Anwar el-Sadat. If our political system needs improvement—which it surely does—they have had nothing but successive dictatorships even since Nasser overthrew the royal family. Egypt last three destructive wars largely aimed at Israel before making a peace with them which has greatly stabilized their economy but, because of the nature of the Mubarak regime, the country has remained stagnant, with massive unemployment beyond our worst nightmares.

    We are also a very passive people, unwilling to fight for almost anything. If anything, the forces of reaction—the right wing—is far more likely to “revolt” but it will not happen in this country.

    Those of us who lived through the sixties and early seventies, and our elders who lived through the even more intense twenties and thirties saw the extent of the revolutionary fervor in the modern United States. That was as far as it will go.

    The story we are watching, if it has anything in common with something somewhat more akin to our own culture, resembles the fall of communism in eastern Europe. even there, though, the histories of those countries, or of people whose “nations” were once absorbed as part of other empires (Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, etc.) is vastly different than that of Egypt.

    1. We are very much the same. The fundamentals which have created the one exist in the other. This is, in fact, all connected and has a similar and unmistakable genesis.

      Making the comparison you did so captures that you don’t see any of this. The systemic relationships encompass the whole and that is how it has to be examined. The individual details which you refer to are only useful in aiding us in gaining a grasp of the overall picture. It is absolute nonsense to assert that any of this exists in isolation to all the rest.

  3. You got me thinking.

    First, we did not have bad intelligence on Iraq, w and cheney were going to invade Iraq come hell or high water…intelligence had nothing to do with it.

    I kind of agree with Barth except for the right wing militant groups in this country that are growing every day and I believe we have 40 times the firepower than Egypt has…I mean 3 out of 100 Egyptians have guns and we have a weapon for every man woman and child in this country.

    But having witnessed our riots during the 60’s and 70’s, our current situation is rather calm.

    We kill 30,000 a year with guns in this country, but we space the murders in area and time.

    I just do not see citizens running to the courthouses with guns.

    1. C’mon Dick. Of course we had bad intelligence on Iraq. It was both incomplete and uncertain. That uncertainty was leveraged by w and cheney to do as they pleased. The logical constuction they used was absolutely corrupt. The uncertainty should have prohibited the action they chose.

      They cared little about the rationale for invading. They offered a distorted expression of reality to suit their purpose.

      All the rest of what I’ve said carries with it an unmistakable unity of purpose. It is this unity of purpose which needs our undivided attention and a critical examination of the parties which promote it.

      It is no coincidence that for the most part the beneficiaries of all this are a rarefied group of corporations and wealth holders spread across the globe. The collective manipulation of global markets and currencies is the way the global business community conducts it’s affairs. The capturing of an ever growing share of global wealth as observed by the Wall Street numbers has not occurred in a vacuum or unaided. The global financial community has acted in concert in all of this like a pack of wolves. They are at the top of the food chain in this regard and in that capacity have orchestrated every bit of this.

    1. Solving this problem is a priority if we have any hope.


      We’ve prioritized making weapons of war for too long and need to back away from this stupidity. With a defense budget more than ten times greater than any other nation and being the worlds largest exporter of arms isn’t a good way to create hope for the world.

      And to be sure this is not about defending this nation. This is about making money. China will overtake us eventually. We need to alter this course before it’s too late. If we aren’t smart enough to do this differently how are we any different from the purveyors of violence we’ve been watching on the tube for days?

      For every dollar in U.S. social aid to Egypt we have given four dollars in military aid. We’ve done this for years. How is that solving their troubles?

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