LOL @ Wingnut Schizophrenia

Am I the only one who finds a measure of  irony in the fact that a Fox ‘News’ crew was beaten by PRO-Mubarak forces in Cairo while Fox is one of the few outlets that is, at the very least, tacitly PRO-Mubarak?

Fox has been spewing misinformation  regarding the protesters from the onset of this situation.  O’Reilly, Huck, Hannity, and Beck have all been moaning about how the protesters are violent communist jihadis, while poor Hosni Mubarak is a man of peace, abandoned by Obama.

I guess Mubarak’s secret police didn’t get the message that Fox actually loves autocrats.

And further, is anyone else just a little amused that Rush Limbaugh is gleeful at the thought of western media types being rounded up and beaten in Egypt?

How will Fox condemn the violence against its journalists while still genuflecting before El Rushbo?




5 thoughts on “LOL @ Wingnut Schizophrenia

  1. Yeah I saw this comin’.

    Whatever Obama did, it would be attacked as being communistic, Muslim in origin, Jihadist in aim….

    This is patent bullshit, but all FOX broadcasts in patent bullshit.

    beckerhead aint any dumber than the rest of his network; I find FOX a threat to world peace and world sanity.

    But what is new? hahaha

  2. The real wingnut part of this rests in the following.

    Whatever Obama and democrats are for (or against) Fox and repubs will be the opposite no matter the position of the former. Just look at McCain and how many times he has changed his position on things over the last few years. It’s a joke to say repubs believe in anything at all. Except of course whatever makes them the most money at any given time. And both are too friggin’ dumb to see how Wall Street is playing them both.

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