Begging a question

We are seeing once aging what happens when the few elite at the top continue to repress and force those at the bottom to live lives of degradation and as virtual slaves. Their voices silenced. And how those at the top will go to any lengths to maintain this situation. We are also beginning to see also how when those voices rise up and demand an end to this injustice and are met with violent repression will eventually express their rage at this to the point of not caring what happens to them personally as long as they are able to infect as much pain and destruction as possible on their  en-slavers at the top.

We have in the past seen where this will eventually lead if those at the top are left to their own devices. They are eventually over thrown in a most violent manner and replaced by even more repressive and brutal regimes. The purges of Mao and Stalin. Adolf Hitler. The chaos and brutality that followed the French revolution.

And if this trend continues, as it appears that it will. Will humanity eventually devolve into a society where any kind of advancement would be seen as another attempt at someone trying to gain control over the people at large. That growth itself be it scientific or spiritual would be dealt with in a most brutal and repressive manner and seen as major personality faults ? There have been many times in the past where this was the case. And humanity being anything but rational, would not have a problem with this kind of thinking and behavior again.


3 thoughts on “Begging a question

  1. Its the cycle of birth and death, in this case of an entire social unit encompassing the whole world. There is no chance at all of our world population continuing to increase without some very dramatic changes taking place. Those changes can’t happen following the status quo.

    We either kill a whole lot of people or we change how we do things.

    Which we do, right now is up for grabs.

    Note though, how the U.S. is just going crazy spending our dollars (like madmen) making new kinds of weapons.

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