Why Egypt Matters – An Historical Perspective.

We – and by we I mean the western world and most especially the USA – have a nasty habit of forgetting some of the past history that makes us uncomfortable. This is especially true when it comes to the Middle East. The current situation in Egypt can trace it’s roots back to just after WWII. When Egypt became a state separate from Sudan and the monarchy was over thrown.

The second president of Egypt was Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein. This Wikipedia entry on him is well worth reading as he was the head of Egypt up until his death in 1970. This is what makes Egypt so important because he was not only the head of Egypt for so long, but was also the main mover and shaker in the Arab world for this time – from 1956 – 1970. His Vice President was Anwar Sadat who became president after Nasser’s death. But Sadat was not whole loved by the Egyptian people do to his friendliness with the west, the elimination of a lot of Nasser’s social policies and most of all the peace treaty with Israel.

The current political party in Egypt, the NDP, is simply the continuation of the original party established by Nasser but under a different name. Basically made up of military and ex-miltary men.  Nasser himself was very anti-imperialistic and fought hard against western hegemony.  Not only in Egypt but through out the Arab world forming the United Arab Republic (UAR) and seeing the formation of Israel as another attempt at this hegemony. He was also instrumental in Nationalizing the Suez Canal as well as a number of Egyptian industries. He was friendly with and accepted help from the Soviet Union though also suspicious of their intentions as well.

Our rewriting of history include the 6 day war with Israel which Israel began.

In early 1967, Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin sent Nasser a warning through Sadat, who was visiting Moscow, that Israel was about to carry out a large-scale assault against Syria. More warnings followed in the next few months, and King Hussein, aware of the intelligence situation, cautioned Nasser in April not to be dragged into a war. That same month, pressure on him to act by Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the PLO, as well as the general Arab populace, mounted after an aerial battle between Syria and Israel resulted in the downing of six Syrian planes. Convinced that Israel was determined to attack Syria, he asked UN Secretary-General U Thant to withdraw UNEF forces from Sinai. On 23 May, Egyptian troops moved into Sharm el-Sheikh and Nasser ordered the Straits of Tiran closed to Israeli shipping. After the blockade, he gave a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on 29 May saying, “the issue was not UNEF or closing the Strait of Tiran; the issue is the rights of the Palestinian people.”[108] This was the same message delivered a week earlier during a visit to an air base in the Sinai. The speeches signaled that Nasser believed war was inevitable.[108]

So when I hear how Egypt has been our friend and ally for so long, I am aghast. Since this is at best an exaggeration.   The one thing that I can see being a big concern for the US is not some Islamic government in Egypt, but the rise of a person of Nasser’s power and influence with the rest of the Arab world.

The protests in Egypt are in my opinion long over due.  The subtle and not so subtle imperialist actions of the US are now being challenged from the ground up. This has got to be causing some people to piss in the pants big time.


7 thoughts on “Why Egypt Matters – An Historical Perspective.

  1. It’s odd to hear commentary by pundits and even from some officials who’ve said they didn’t see this coming. Very much the same as they have no sense of the increasingly ugly mood in this country.

    They’ve had one of their own lie this nation into a war that has killed a six figure number of people, a banking system that is a complete fraudulent enterprise, a medical system about to bankrupt us and a congress which is corrupt beyond comprehension. One of these days when we pull an Egypt they’ll display the same bewilderment we’re seeing right now. Reagan had it wrong by a mile. It’s not government that’s the prblem. It’s the people running it.

    1. cmaukonen

      I tried it. I got 4 wrong. Mostly those on he western side of Africa. I should know them all as I have had Ham Radio contacts with the vast majority of them.

    2. I did terrible. The bad part is I had scrutinized a map of the region for an hour or so a few weeks back. UGH. Which reminds me I have global mapping software that I haven’t yet put on the new computer I just built a couple weeks back and which I’m using right now. I’m suffering a buffer overflow I think.

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