“Shippers” Ahoy

I guess I’m a “shipper”. Before tonight, I didn’t even know such a term existed. I needed clarification after being told that I, myself, am one. Apparently, I’m one of those who watches a television series hoping that the two main characters will evolve into a relationship. Sort of like a new age Dolly Levi. I watch House MD and can’t wait for him to jump into bed with Cuddy after only, um, six seasons.

Never mind the fact that “Moonlighting” saw the death knell of its show when Sybil and Bruce did the nasty, never mind the fact that Cheers had to bring on a second girl for good old wig-wearing Ted Danson to keep ratings up.

I’m a “shipper”, now. I want happy relationships all around.

Well of COURSE I do! Wouldn’t you? Don’t you want like-minded souls who have chemistry to end up together? In a world so full of chaos, is it too much to ask that we allow a few souls, here and there, to find happiness?

Does race make a difference? Does age? Does sex? I’ve always been taught that love is a gift, no matter who or where it comes from.

If it’s love, the Lord don’t mind. We all need more love in this world.

I say take it where you get it. And enjoy every moment of it. Every lovin’ moment.


4 thoughts on ““Shippers” Ahoy

  1. You got me laughing on this one. hahahaha

    I don’t even know why.

    I get involved in so many series sitting here in my jammies attempting to find solace in an imaginary world.

    Since I found my self out of severe poverty I purchased post it notes and I use them for reminders about things in the oven and what is on, as they say.

    I am crazy about this Tim Oliphant series. I cannot tell you why. He has sex with this dumb homey and I really dont care. ha

    I dont care if House gets sober or cuts it with Cutty.

    Of course I am an old guy in my jammies. hahahah

    But I cry at the dumbest romances around. I just watched James Garner and Sally Fields and i cry and cry. ahahahahahah Several times. hahahahahah

    I guess I do sometimes just am happy to see two lost characters find each other, help each other and promise each other.

    the end

    1. Oh I like that Garner/Fields movie, hee hee!! That scene in the hospital where he’s walking her up and down the hallway, only to tell her as he’s leaving, “By the way, your hospital gown is open in the back” is priceless!

  2. House and Cuddy have been teasing each other for these six seasons and enjoy immensely the banter. They’re reluctant though to make the leap or won’t make it because they’d be abandoning the fun they’re having. Sensibly and perhaps not very real, they’ve opted for fun and a valued friendship instead of the complexity that an intimate, all in relationship would surely bring.

    There is another show where the lead characters, I think, share an even greater intimacy. Bones.

    We know life isn’t this way though. It doesn’t have a convenient on off switch. Once we share our intimate thoughts with another they are shared forever.

    1. I think I’ve only seen one episode of Bones. I should check it out, hmm. And, can you believe, I actually went and bought a paperback romance novel this week simply because the author admitted that she used Gregory House as the basis for her hero.

      I guess I’m love sick, hahaha.

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