This was going to be a blog about communication styles between the left and right and the common folk. But that will have to wait, I am afraid. With the protests in Tunisia and now Egypt it has become obvious to this blogger that our current methods of personal communication with cell phones and the Internet and social media will simply not cut the mustard when we need to get the messages out and among ourselves about what is happening in the streets, what we want and plan to do about it and what the world needs to know. When it is obvious that a government can shut down the internet and cell phone access when ever it wants. Prevent news agencies from covering a situation and hassles and/or detains those who are reporting, it is imperative that a method of communication that is not dependent on the private sector or governments is necessary. At least temporarily.

The technology exists now like it never has before. What is necessary is to learn and create alternatives. To use our natural inventiveness to make a system that can be put into place so that our story gets out regardless of the circumstances. It would not need to be pretty or even perfect. It just has to work.


20 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Who wrote this? There is no signage block on the right side like is typical for a posting.

    In any case as a comment this would be good idea. However, I find it highly unlikely that in the current global political environment you will find even one government, including ours, that would permit this scenario. The power elites would never do this.

    For a long time now they have been making off with any authority the majority citizen class ever had and they aren’t about to give it back in any way shape or form. However uncomfortable it may be, the only way authority will ever be restored to the citizen class is if we take it back.

    1. cmaukonen

      Well there isn’t a government around that would permit huge demonstrations or protests either. So what does it being allowed have to do with it ?

        1. cmaukonen

          Neither do I. However this is most definitely a possibility. Even Obama wants to have that option. And if you think it would stop there you are sadly mistaken.

    1. I’m noticing issues with our site today as well, TPC, but I’m at work and using IE versus my usual Firefox, so I’m not sure if that’s it or not. Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to dig further into this until tonight when I get home.

      1. On my test machine it’s normal with Firefox. But that doesn’t mean the site is OK. Actually, it means the opposite. I have an absolutely clean machine for testing this kind of stuff. The site has to be the same in both. I been on and off the Internet all day with no other sites affected. To my experience when a site doesn’t render the same in all browsers it’s always an issue with the site. Just the way it is.

        I notice that on this reply, with FF, the reply box is not at the bottom of the screen. It’s inserted between messages. That isn’t typical page behavior. I haven’t seen any sites where the response dialog box is anywhere except at the bottom of the page. So there are other issues with the browsers not rendering the page the same.

    1. It’s rendering normally now for me, now that I’m home, except for the reply box being in a weird spot (as you already noticed). While at work today I couldn’t find any of our right menu bar items (recent comments, bloggers here, etc. and in this post I couldn’t see any of the Meta, i.e., the author’s name). I checked on the Appearance menus of our site and didn’t see that any changes had been made, so whatever it is, I can’t figure it out.

      Let me know if you’re still having problems with the pages, TPC? Thanks.

      1. I noticed something about FF that I didn’t know about. On my test machine after having done an image restore so it was totally clean again I put FF on and then did an uninstall. If you select to do a complete uninstall of FF to completely remove it the uninstall routine also removes bookmarks (favorites). That should not be that way. Favorites are global user data, not browser centric data. It shouldn’t be that way. So if you ever want to do a complete uninstall of FF make sure you have your favorites saved to an alternate location or they’ll be lost.

  2. cmaukonen

    Views OK on Firefox on Mac OSX and Linux and Widows XP as well as Safari on OSX. IE under windows is a bit strange with the signature on the bottom.

  3. If I go back to ‘Older Entries’ they all render in the typical way we’ve been accustomed to with everything in it’s regular place on the pages and with the fonts OK. It seems only entries posted from about 24 hours ago are affected by whatever has occurred.

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