No Change. Business as Usual

There is an astounding need to cast some light on how completely corrupt political Washington has become. I ran across this piece on AlterNet where the FDA has approved unrestricted planting of GE (genetically enhanced) alfalfa. This is a product by Monsanto.

What is most notable about this is the overwhelming response from U.S. citizens who voiced opposition to it. LINK

There is this reference to the EIS (environmental impact statement) that stands out.

The EIS was dutifully drafted and released in December 2010. The document airs the concerns expressed by the vast majority of the 200,000-plus comments on GE alfalfa, yet somehow concludes: “…consumer preferences for organic over GE foods are influenced in part by ethical and environmental factors that are likely unrelated to minor unintended presence of GE content in feed crops.”

That’s quite a use of the word “likely”: When the organic rules were drafted in 1997, Big Ag tried very, very hard to include GE products in organic-labeled foods. In response to this attempt, USDA received over 275,000 comments against GE in organics. It was the largest number of comments USDA had ever received on a single issue. How USDA managed to conclude that consumers of organic food are likely unconcerned by contamination of organic products is a mystery — at least, until we recall that Tom Vilsack, Obama’s agriculture boss, used to fly around in a Monsanto corporate jet while governor of Iowa. During that same period he was also named “Governor of the Year” by the Biotechnology Industry Council.

In spite of the above response from citizens we see what happened and also see the strings pulled which made it possible. It is without fail that our government does this every day. Don’t you just love corruption?


3 thoughts on “No Change. Business as Usual

  1. I think I understand this.

    What GE did–and why GE has anything to do with alfalfa is beyond me–was wrong.

    I just sometimes wonder if there are people who are seeking a purity that does not exist.

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