Two years on…by Alan

This is a post that Alan (PhotOG) did at TPMAHOLICS. It really needs to be seen by more people.

Questions two years on…

(This is taken from a comment I made on a post over at Ramona’s Voices.)

I think, after two years, what we have seen is that, more than anything, President Obama has revealed the nation’s true character to us. To itself, if you will.

We are fractious, racist, ignorant, histrionic, belligerent, and naive. We are also calm, inspired, wise, and inclusive.

And, sadly, I think, we may be too much of all of those at once to be “governable” in any meaningful way.

Why is it, do you suppose, that the best among us so often bring out the very worst among us? Is it some sort of perverse Tao of extremes?

I do not doubt that President Obama is a man of deep, genuine conviction, or that he is one of the best minds by far to enter the Oval Office. What I am beginning to question is the institutional framework he places his faith in, to the extent that it has shown itself to be far too vulnerable to sabotage by those who would spend their time seeking out its vulnerabilities, in order to exploit and even attack them.

And I think I am not alone in believing that there are those in the (not-terribly) loyal opposition that are not sincere, not of good faith, not holding the interests of the nation, of the society, at heart.

Can we survive this? Will we, since even if we are capable of it, we may at the end lack the desire as a people?

And if we harbor within our borders so many so opposed to this nation, this society as a whole faring better than the last generation, and not as well as succeeding ones, are we in fact any longer worth preserving?

I know, I know, so many questions.


There is also the problem of those on our side who seek to undercut President Obama by carping about not getting everything they wanted immediately on January 21, 2009. This is incredibly naive and borders on dangerous. The opposition I refer to above plays a long game. They have spent years looking for the weak spots in our above-referenced institutional framework, and employ highly skilled marketing techniques, drawn in no small part from psychological warfare, to divide, demoralize, and damage what is necessarily a long, slow climb out of the mire they’ve immersed us in over the last generation-plus. To sit on our hands, to complain that things are not moving as fast as we’d like, to equate Obama and Bush (Really, people?) is destructive, as progress is not giant leaps but rather many incremental steps added one upon the other, moving forward on broad fronts rather than single point issues.

The ability to deal with frustration and delay gratification is part of being an adult.

The willingness to play our own long game is what’s missing.

It’s time. Really, it’s time.

Very good and very good points as well


3 thoughts on “Two years on…by Alan

  1. We have a government that institutionally and structurally is still as functional today as it ever was. The issue we face is persons in key positions are wildly in disagreement with the expression of democratic governance. IMHO we have an awful lot of people in congress who know very little of how this is supposed to work.

    These persons lack any qualification at all to be in the positions they hold. Whatever lessons they learned as young men and women, they were the wrong ones for them to be in the positions they now hold. That they so nonchalantly lie and deceive the public is quite something to behold. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the aid of an unwary and uninformed electorate.

    This is an age old recipe. We really aren’t equal in our cognizant abilities and need democracy, equitably implemented, to make up for our natural state of cognizant inequality.

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