You’re next, Rachel Maddow!

Rachel Maddow

It’s clear enough that COMCAST pulled the trigger on Keith.

If you want to believe otherwise, Start with the fact that MSNBC is on record saying they informed Comcast that Keith would be leaving.

So Comcast gets this message and says,
“Gee, Olberrmann’s your top earner!  Whaddya know!  And we’re buying your company in a few days!  But anyway, we have this high principle that we don’t weigh in on these things. It’s not in our contract with you that we can’t weigh in, so we’re not barred or anything.  And if we stand idly buy while you do this, we are going to lose a lot of money, with the top earner gone.  And this termination is why? A fit of pique, did you say?  How much money do we make off of the touchy guy who can’t manage Olbermann’s ego?

No matter.  We just feel very strongly that you need independence during the last days before we take over.  Independence  to make personality-based decisions that will hurt us for many years.  So we’ll stand mute, while we just take that big, big hit.  Thanks!”

Seem believable?  That’s what you’d need to swallow.
TMZ had the story within hours — COMCAST did it.  No surprise.  And now we’ve got an actual  confession, thanks to Politico’s good memory:
“When Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts was asked last May what he would do if Olbermann began attacking any Republican member of Congress after the takeover, he replied, according to the New York Post, ‘Let’s have that conversation in 12 months, when we’re playing with live ammo.’”

It sounds more like a Charles Bronson revenge massacre movie than the L’il Bo Beep double-talk they were selling on Friday.  Except this is real.  They’re all Republicans over at Comcast, as you can tell from the breathtaking quote.
Rachael, they made their move on Keith just 3 days after they bullied their merger past the feckless regulators.  As Roberts made clear above, it’s about politics, and “live ammo” awaits you if you “attack” a Republican.
You are a marked woman.    The others as well.  So sorry to say it.  Thank you so much for everything!!! — O.T.

13 thoughts on “You’re next, Rachel Maddow!

  1. It’ll be funny when Nov 2012 rolls around and dems don’t show up at the polls. Even funnier not long after when the national tilt-o-meter pegs the scale. Screw congress and screw Washington. Man the fucking lifeboats.

    1. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely showing up at the polls. And I highly doubt Rachel will be kicked off of MSNBC. I read the TMZ and Politico links and my take is quite different than OT’s.

      1. I’m not grumpy.

        I’m pissed. The corporate raiders of the world control everything anymore. And that includes what we hear and see and have access to on the net. And it’s getting worse. Plus they have wireless locked up with an even bigger joke of a regulatory format. It makes not a bit of difference that we go to the polls anymore. It truly doesn’t.

        The banks are going to get away with causing the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression. Tell me it makes a difference who is running things. I don’t believe it. There is no evidence to support that assertion. Why have gas prices shot up over the last few months even though demand is still down? It was $2.70 late last summer and now is in the $3.30 range.

        I could go on and on but there is little point. The fix is in.

  2. Well, what do I know? I think there is a yin/yang or Ford Chevy thing going on here.

    Hopefully, these new investors want to make money and do not give a damn about anything but ratings. I was interested in the time slots. I mean Ed will be on in prime time.

    Ed is probably the closest as far as my temperament and philosophy.

    And Rachel is the new star for sure.

    I like the entire line up and like I have said before, Matthews has really changed his tune over the last three years. I like him again.

    1. I’m so out of the loop with MSNBC these days, I don’t even know Ed Schultz, nor this guy that will be replacing Keith. Hopefully when I move I’ll have access to better cable, and can get MSNBC back. As it is right now, I get most of my news online.

  3. Barth

    We can get all mad at The Man, but Keith told us why he left. He did not like being there:

    “There were many occasions, particularly in the last two and a half years, where all that surrounded the show — but never the show itself — was just too much for me. But your support and loyalty — if I may use the word insistence — ultimately required that I keep going.”

    He came back because we wanted him to. I was one of them. I am glad he did. I am sorry he found it too hard to keep going and I know nothing (or very little) about what those things “surrounding the show” were and why the same things either don’t bother Rachel or she handles it differently.

    Whatever. I am not going to blow a gasket over this.

      1. Barth

        I saw the quote. Comcast, GE, NBC, etc. are primarily in the business of making money. Keith helped them do that. On balance, then, he was worth keeping around.

        When he told The New Yorker that his boss thought he was his boss, that may have cut the other way. Had he gone on some other station to complain about his boss, or his employer, they might have felt the need to fire him, but he didn’t, so they did not.

        Then he asked for more money. That changed the equation again.

        The point is that generally speaking most broadcast behemoths will tolerate a lot from someone who is making money for them. Hence, Jay Leno, f’rinstance.

        For that matter, hence Rachel and Lawrence O’Donnell.

        I am a big fan of pains in the ass, but I cannot expect their employers to be so tolerant.

        1. Glad you’ve abandoned the fanciful “He did not like being there” for the factual he-was-fired.

          The question is, who had him fired? These COMCAST/NBC people have an unlimited budget for the most sophisticated PR in the world, and the issue team is putting out the word you cite that KO is a freaking maniac. If that’s really the issue (the live-ammo guy from COMCAST sure didn’t say that), then there won’t be any further changes leaning to the right.

          We won’t see Morning Joe take an evening slot and we won’t get an expanded role for Pat Buchanan and some unheard-of newcomer won’t show up to “balance things out” on some invidious Trojan Horse. If none of those things happen, it’s evidence (not proof, just some evidence) that the real reason was indeed as voiced by the slick PR rationale. And not the censorious predilections of the blue blazer Republicans over at COMCAST.

          We’ll see. KO was making them a boatload BTW and had plenty of right to ask for more money — he virtually single-handedly pull the network out of oblivion and past CNN in the ratings. So it doesn’t seem economically rational. If he had personality issues with the boss, one option was to get rid of, or reign in, the boss that squashed the golden egg.

          The next twelve-fifteen months should hint at what’s really going on here. And maybe Professor Ammori of Nebraska Law will have egg on his face:

          “Comcast proved expert in shaking down the government to approve its merger,” he said. “Comcast’s shakedown of NBC has just begun.”

  4. One way to further move on it is this:

    Move morning Joe to an evening slot to make for a “livelier mix” now that Keith is gone. Replace him with a another conservative morning host.

    Then put pressure on Ed — when’s his contract up?

    People don’t want to understand it, but this is a bit like George Soros buying Fox.

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