Apparently Having Learned Nothing This Month, Glenn Beck Continues to Incite Violence

Steve Benen at Political Animal has this little doozy of a news story up today.  I find myself getting angry all over again having read it, and the NY Times piece he links to as well.

I don’t understand how Fox News can say that Glenn Beck has never threatened Frances Fox Piven.

A)  Glenn Beck mentions her repeatedly on his show, claiming she is an enemy of the Constitution and declaring that she incites violence.

B)  Readers of Glenn’s various websites start writing comments about shooting her, and some of his readers and viewers call her and email her with death threats.

You can’t get to point B above without a point A.

Fox News is entirely wrong in letting this continue, and I plan on writing them a letter about it.  I hope you’ll do the same.


19 thoughts on “Apparently Having Learned Nothing This Month, Glenn Beck Continues to Incite Violence

  1. I will certainly write them a letter – a letter of thanks and congratulations for doing such good work.

    America is at last entering the long needed twilight of Liberalism and whatever furthers that end is something that I endorse.

          1. I guess it is. Of course my vote matters very little in NY due to its political makeup anyway.

            Then again, I doubt the real problem will be solved by voting. We’re past that point.

            The elections may proceed as usual, but it other means that correct the underlying societal problems.

            1. I’m not about to venture to guess what you believe those “other means” are. I think I’ll just remove some of the more vitriolic exchanges below instead, k?

            2. Truly, I applaud your even-handeness in those cullings. Most would have only removed my replies.

              You did, however, miss my final response to the person in question and it makes little sense on its own.

              We will likely never agree and will likely end up on opposing sides of the “unpleasantness” I think is coming in next few years, but your actions have gained my respect.

              1. I think I removed your final response to the person in question, no? It’s not showing up on my screen, anyway.

                I appreciate your agreeing to disagree. It’s a shame that two opposing sides of our country’s political spectrum too often let ugly rhetoric rule the day, so I’m all for politeness when it’s offered.


  2. Thanks for this post Lis. I sometimes forget to look at The Political Animal site during my daily perusal of opinions.

    I saw this response to Steve’s article and thought it worth reposting here.

    Piven and Cloward’s Regulating the Poor is one of the truly seminal left-wing activist books of the 1970s. But she’s retired and Steve’s generation – bless their hearts – have never heard of her. Beck is really after a thorough ideological purge worthy of Pol Pot.

    Posted by: dscottsf on January 22, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    The reference to Pol Pot is very close to what we’re witnessing today. Clearly the ongoing purge of today is absent the level of violence of the past but in its overall effect it’s little different. It strikes me that relatively peaceful change has the capability to be equally as harmful as violent change. Maybe more so in that its insidiously intended to be transparent.

    I’m beginning to grasp that this has become a seriously violent political movement. The violence has taken a different form but its intent to brutally violate possesses traits we know and recognize. The false and totally illegitimate attacks on the tenets of constitutional governance can’t be ignored. Central to the onslaught is an unbelieveable pursuit of inequality that takes my breath away.

    1. Clearly the ongoing purge of today is absent the level of violence of the past but in its overall effect it’s little different.

      All too true, TPC. Thanks for this comment.

  3. Will S.

    Glenn Beck is, simply put, a master manipulator of people with low IQ’s, and his goals involve a great deal bloodshed. Want proof? Read this.

    NEW at The Will of The People (

    Glenn Beck on How to Deal With Dangerous Progressives: “Shoot Them in the Head”

      1. Instead of Glenn we have KO being given a pink slip.

        This effectively makes MSNBC and Fox the same. Both are pursuing similar goals but with a differing intensity.

        This is one instance where our legislative and regulatory scheme has erred badly. The corporatists and oligarchs should never ever be given free rein to control the public forum.

        We know the reasons for this. What is less appreciated is the extent to which governance has become delegitamized because of it. This is no small matter.

        1. I’ll add, however, that a lot of the Comcast/MSNBC/KO discussion is unverified and I’m not going to take a stance on whose decision it was. I’m with Barth on this one (per his comments at Tripper John’s post about KO).

          1. I can’t chalk this up to still another coincidence. How many instances of coincidence establishes a pattern? This kind of stuff happens all the time and is vaguely dismissed like nothing has happened.

    1. beckerhead just says whatever comes into his tiny mind.

      He is a sociopath who has no since of guilt or shame and he pretends that he has no memory.

      He says he wants to shoot Moore or at least pay for the bullet, he poisons Pelosi in effigy and denies that he has ever done such things. AND IT IS ALL ON TAPE

      His appearance on Today selling a book about forgiveness or how to succeed or something was a farce.

      When I listen to him my head gets hot.

      But like you say, beckerhead leads the unwashed and unlearned for sure.

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