Socialized Health Care and Mandated Health Insurance – 1798???


That DATE is NOT a typo…


The Congress of the United States passed the following law in 1798.



Apparently the framers did not looked at “mandatory health care”  in very much of a different light than that of the current crop of corporate lackeys slithering in the swamp of DC.

There is a very fine article here at Rick Unger’s Policy Page at Forbes that explains the law in detail…

Key words of Unger’s that stood out to me, “…those were the days when members of Congress still used their collective heads to solve problems – not create them.”



2 thoughts on “Socialized Health Care and Mandated Health Insurance – 1798???

  1. This is more than interesting and will of course be cited in the briefs presented to the Federal Courts as well as the state courts in any and all challenges to the recent health care legislation.

    I never heard of this.

    As an aside, if memory serves me correctly, some 20% and more of the sailors were Black.

  2. What a find! And did you see today’s updated link to Greg Sargent’s piece on it, Duckey?

    I hope this keeps getting a lot of coverage. In fact, when I get home tonight I’ll post this on my Facebook page, in hopes that some of my Republican and/or Libertarian family members will read it. 🙂

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