Emails From My Friends

This week, I received two emails that made me feel really good.  The first one came from my Congress Critter, NY Representative Nita Lowey:

Dear Friend,

In light of recent events in Tucson, Arizona, I wanted to update you on my efforts to limit the availability of high capacity ammunition magazines, like those used on that tragic day.

This week, I joined Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy to introduce legislation placing commonsense restrictions on large capacity magazines capable of utilizing more than 10 rounds of ammunition. No one outside of the Armed Forces or law enforcement needs such firepower, and it should be illegal to possess such a dangerous accessory. Rest assured I will continue to fight to ensure our communities remain safe through this and other federal initiatives.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep you updated on my work in Congress. If you do not receive my weekly e-newsletter, I hope you will visit or call my office at (914) 428-1707 to subscribe.


Nita Lowey
Member of Congress

And the second one came from Joe Biden.  Good ole Uncle Joe wants to share this report with everyone at Organizing For America, and since some of you might not be members of OFA, I thought I’d share the link to the report.

I’ve got good friends in Washington, yes?


7 thoughts on “Emails From My Friends

  1. I hate to say this Lis but even in the wake of Tucson I don’t think they can get any gun legislation through congress. Just like repealing healthcare is purely symbolic this is the same. Of course, one is worth doing while the other isn’t. But that doesn’t make a bit of difference to wingers or blue dogs.

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