The Winter Blast From the West to the East…

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A wee bit of music to listen to from my musical collaborator of 45 years, Peter Klimes.

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We have all been inundated on the news by the after effects of the snowstorms that spread across the east coast. All that moisture developed out over the Pacific, out past the Hawaiian Islands and came roaring through Southern California starting last Friday and dumped 7 inches of rain in three days here at our abode. To us that was a real deluge. Out here we refer to this type of storm system as the Pineapple Express.

The low front, carrying a tremendous amount of moisture then proceeded east across Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma. It continued on through parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and then it brought snow to Georgia for Christmas day before making an abrupt turn to the north up the eastern seaboard and blanketing everything in it way…

Gee … It must winter.

And what’s my point? Over at the old stomping grounds our favorite host Josh Marshall even made a deal about it yesterday morning. He even posted a couple of photos and asked for folks to “Send us your pictures of the snow in your neck of the woods.”

Here’s his photos:

image content


image content


And being the sort that never passes up an invite, here is the photo I sent Josh of the snow in our neck of the woods:

Hola Josh…

From OldenGoldenDecoy ~OGD~ Hot smile

I wish you and yours the brightest, healthiest, happiest New Year.



And I wish all you here the same … the brightest, healthiest, happiest New Year.



4 thoughts on “The Winter Blast From the West to the East…

  1. The juxtaposition of palm trees with snow covered peaks in the background is a strange sight for those of us living in the northeastern part of the country.

    When winter comes to us it doesn’t discriminate by altitude.

    I think I’d rather be faced with a few feet of snow rather than several feet of mud in my living room. Mud is much heavier to shovel and doesn’t go away by itself when spring comes.

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