Ode To Assange

You’ve altered each and every day

For the best part of a month,

With Diane Sawyers’ Hair,

But without all the funk!


People love you, they hate you,

There seems no middle ground,

All those people who know you,

Will do more than astound!.


Anonymous DDoS’s the critics,

Gnosis hacks into Gawker, oh wow

Jester hacks into 4chan with Xerxes

with 300 Spartans around!


So here’s to you Julian

Let’s all drink a round,

This time it’s on Genghis

His credit card has been found!

cross posted at dagblog

18 thoughts on “Ode To Assange

  1. Thank you, T, for posting this here! I gotta say, the “People love you, they hate you” line, with its inherent links, is my favorite part.

    Very well done!!

    1. teresamac0

      Thanks Dick, it was at the Creative Corner, I thought it would be better there, I am never sure where to put my musings…. Hahahaha Thanks!

  2. It sure is taking our various governments a long time to invent the charges they’ll eventually accuse Assange of. They might actually be having second thoughts of gross lying lest they piss off half the planet.

    1. teresamac0

      You miss my utter not caring about Assange, I think he sucks all the air and fun out of the internet. Libertarians bother me to no end, and he is one of them!!! The government, meh, don’t care what they do or don’t do on this one either. I am tired of all wiki all the time, it’s beyond boring.

      1. What Assange did or didn’t do isn’t about fun. It’s not even about Assange.

        It’s about the insanely corrupt conduct of governments all over the globe.

        Half of our US Senators hate anyone who isn’t like them and we know the result that has brought to our country and to the world community. The Internet is a perfect conduit to shine a light upon the hatred that has brought us to this place.

        1. teresamac0

          Why do you insist I give a rats behind about Assange? I don’t have to care about this or Assange or what the government does or doesn’t do to him or about him or anything. We all have our own priorities and our own interests, I am saying Assange doesn’t interest me or anything that goes on here and as my ode says everyone continues to fight about it, (just like you do) and you want to fight and you want me to have your interests and priorities and I don’t. And each side is saying we have to agree with them, because they are 100% correct, that is demagoguery plain and simple and I don’t do demagoguery. That is cool right, my every interest isn’t yours so what? I don’t insist you see everything my way. So it shouldn’t bother you at all what I think about this or don’t think. And this was supposed to lighten the mood, you know I can’t live in anger, I can’t be YOU. I have to be me, lighten up, man, there are other places that will offer you all the anger you can handle.
          Corruption, I was raised in SE Asia, this is nothing, mild stuff in comparison.

          1. I didn’t insist upon this in regards to Assange, but rather the idea of what is at stake in regards the kinds of things which have happened ostensibly on our behalf. This is not about an individual in any way. It never was.

            And please don’t talk to me about other places. I spent 5 years of my life in SEA and many years in other places. I would think that knowing about other countries and the kinds of things that go on you might be a bit more open to recognizing these awful things and wish them to be addressed.

            You also may want to look in the mirror and examine the anger there. I haven’t spoken in anger. I have merely spoken about a condition which is well known to exist.

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