Republicans Break Ranks of Financial Crisis Panel

There is a soon to be unleashed shitstorm which my guess is will wreak havoc all across the national landscape.

Republicans on the aforementioned panel have broken ranks with the panel and will issue their own report on the root causes of the financial crisis with a misleading focus on government action and downplay the participation of the financial sector. The story is HERE.

This isn’t the shitstorm I am referring to though. This is merely one piece of the developing picture where republicans are forming up the ranks for an all out assault on the administration and on controlling the political dialog come January 1, 2011. An offshoot of their efforts is undoubtedly to bring as much pressure as possible on any and all senators who can be persuaded by whatever means possible to join their coalition.

Keep in mind the effort is going to be on completely gutting, if possible, any or all democratic or liberal programs. All are going to be targeted. It is going to be a scorched earth tactic driven by 24/7 lies. The republicans breaking ranks on the above panel and offering their alternative analysis is an expression of how far they are willing to stretch the truth. This is setting the stage.

Unless I am reading the tea leaves wrong we are about to witness what could well be the most heated political struggle ever in the history of this country. Everything is in place and ready to go with the participants waiting for the starting gun to sound. We may think we’ve seen ugly before now but what is about to happen will make anything before pale by comparison. I hope the WH is paying attention and understands that what is going on with this panel is a very clear heads up which will soon be followed by some very heavy incoming fire targeted directly at our commander in chief.

6 thoughts on “Republicans Break Ranks of Financial Crisis Panel

    1. I saw Anthony Weiner a bit ago and he was referring to the insanity of borrowing obscene amounts of money from the Chinese so we could give tax cuts to the rich.

      I wish Obama had the good sense to frame the argument this way and took it to the American people on the very day the repugs handed Obama their letter saying they wouldn’t deal until this was solved.

      Anyway, Obama blew a great chance here to have people revolting against the repug leadership. He could have easily won this.

  1. All we can hope for are two developments:

    First the repubs overplay their hand in the House while the WH & Senate continue to slap them down over the next two years; thereby making them look impotent and stupid.

    Second, hope that voting numbers in two years swell like they usually do in our four year presidential cycle.

    There is no honor in the repub party any longer.

    1. I think it’s a given the repugs will overplay their hand. The problem is it doesn’t seem to make a difference. In fact, the more they go overboard, the more the wingnuts they’re playing to like it. Sadism if I ever saw it. Cue up the GWB lies to fight a war and everybody cheering and clapping.

      1. MSNY

        No one is even noticing that they overplayed they hand, so they can keep playing it.

        They line up to decry earmarks in the budget bill, but then shove 2 BILLION of their own into the bill. But the almost universally accepted notion is that its solely the Dems who get earmarks.

        Their strategy can only fail if there is some — any — resistance from the left. And thus far there is NONE. Even I could score a touchdown if the other team didn’t field a defense.

        1. I noted earlier this evening one of the talking heads was grilling Sen. Kyl for his earmarks, which were quite large and which he put into a piece of legislation since he said he wouldn’t. His response was that they were defensible. Crackheads.

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