Reparations: The Not So Subtle Code Word for … “Them Thar Nigras”

This Elmer can kiss my Mulatto butt cheeks . . .

After reading this article in the The Iowa Independent:

I found the following comment quite apropos in the comment thread from some poster named
Red River Rover.

This is Red River’s comment:

I’m not planning on spending much space in this comment proving that Iowa’s corncob King works from the false assumption that most people actually want diabolic bloodsuckers to redefine humanity as alienated machines/beasts and then convince everyone that they were never human to begin with. Most people already seem to understand that.
Instead, I’ll be discussing this corncob’s conniving disquisitions and how he uses them to force folks to believe he even has one iota of brain matter between those ears of his. In the text that follows, when I quote from him, I will use the words “corn manure” in place of another word which is now apparently permitted in general circulation publications and which I have edited out.
How can one take seriously such a ranting fool as King when in the past he has claimed the “Face on Mars” was erected by his forebears led by a space alien named Delmar who later settled in Newton, Iowa and was a traveling salesman who sold Maytag washers, blue cheese and Maid Rites coupons. Sound suspicious? Pathetic is a better word. The “corn manure” he tends to spread as “facts” that he has often stated contain some serious distortions. Some are blatant; others are subtle. This latest one about the Pigford claims is just downright bigoted.
It is certainly the height of ironies that this corncob says that embracing a system of institutional bigotry will make everything right with the world. Whenever I hear such statements from these sorry excuses for humans I reel in disbelief. Does he really believe such vile things?
As you ponder the answer to that question, consider that King’s hatchet men in the press have learned their scripts well and the rhetoric supporting such vile notions comes gushing forth with little provocation. Just watch your local Fox channel, if your not afraid of going sterile. It’s possible that King actually doesn’t realize this because he has been ingrained with so much of officialism’s propaganda, better known as Washington DC “corn manure”. If that’s the case, I recommend that we begin the invigorating, rejuvenating process of opening students’ eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to the world around them.
Sure, sometimes King talks the talk but does he walk the walk? Hell no, it takes a spine to stand erect and without one this corncob does little more that slither on his belly like the snake-in-the-grass he is. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that this charlatan’s cause is not glorious. It is not wonderful. It is not worthwhile. It is not good.
King and his fellow cronies are determined to put as little thought as possible into solving the undeniable problems that our society is still facing with regard to humanistics. The first requirement to accomplish that is to actually be a human in the first place.
That conclusion is not based on some sort of inhumane philosophy or on King’s-style of mental masturbation, but on widely known and proven principles of common sense. These principles explain that while we do nothing, those who intensify or perpetuate ethnocentrism are gloating and smirking. And they will keep on gloating and smirking until we compare, contrast, and identify the connections among these different sorts of witless pessimists such as King.
We find among these narrow and bigoted minds the belief that if they could command an army of witless bots that live in the hollow center of the earth they’d produce earthquakes whenever they felt like shaking things up a bit on the surface. This belief is due to a basic confusion that can be cleared up simply by stating that I do not have the time in one sitting to go into the long answer as to why idiots like King offers his idolaters a vehicle of sorts for their bigoted fantasies. But the short answer is that King and people of his ilk have for so long been nursing the wrongs they imagine the world has done them that King is determined to exact revenge by developing endless reams and streams of bigoted propaganda. If you don’t believe me, just keep your eyes open.
In politics it’s referred to as the “Southern Strategy”. If you don’t know what that is, look it up in Wikipedia. It’s now not so subtly used throughout the country to exploit racial tensions and divide the country.
Okay, have you had enough of this comment? Good. I’ll end it by reiterating that a stockpile of this Iowa’s corncob King quotes favoring tribalism could fill a 5-ton spreader and are nothing more than a load of “corn manure”.

Two thumbs up to Red River Rover


2 thoughts on “Reparations: The Not So Subtle Code Word for … “Them Thar Nigras”

  1. The Obama administration is “focused on race,” King said.

    Oh my god, what an asshat! This was signed into law back in 1999. Sheez!

    Red Rover had an excellent comment, there, Duckey. And gosh, but his writing is great, isn’t it? He seems familiar to me, somehow…

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