Wikileaks and the Infinite Debate

There is no point in the infinite arguments put forth by governments where the results of policies, confirmed or denied, end in a transparent result which is harmful to citizens. Anyone can measure an outcome and from that outcome know of the underlying truth which produced it.

The very premise of ‘plausible deniability’ is a fictional escape hatch for governments or individuals to evade the obvious. The devisement is merely a means to avoid liability for bringing about an undesirable or hurtful outcome. The entire premise requires persons in power to lie. As a social or political construct this could not be worse. It assures that there are no checks on the unethical use of power. Wikileaks has succeeded only in providing an objective confirmation of what we already know to be true. This is no different from political finance where we know it’s no less than a legal form of political bribery which consistently produces undesirable outcomes and is harmful to citizens. That we have evolved such an obscene contrivance is irrefutable evidence of a system gone horribly wrong.

4 thoughts on “Wikileaks and the Infinite Debate

  1. It has been more than just confirmation of all of the lies made by the Bush Administration.

    And I so sympathize with David Seaton’s arguments in Dagblog.

    But after all these years, let the sun shine in.

    I am so sick of secrecy where trillions of our dollars go to the Masters of War and we peasants are left with so little facts.

    So I am for Wikileaks just to fuck with them all.

    the end

  2. cmaukonen

    No surprises here for me at any rate. Already knew that the Sunni Muslims hated the Shia Muslims so rather expected that they would like to see Iran in rubble. And the our diplomatic corps suffer from Asperger’s syndrome.

    1. We have the same here but it’s more subtle in the ways it manifests itself. The most transparent way is with the Pentagon and the pursuit of war which coincidentally targets areas of the world where American corporations would benefit from US intervention. There is the religious aspect of course, but I think it plays second fiddle to even the flimsiest excuse to plunder resources.

      It’s largely for this reason that Bush got away with instigating his Iraq war and why congress didn’t do a thing about the Bush administration lie to take us to war. Congress rolled over to the oil patch companies for sure. Had congress performed it’s job we’d have been obligated to leave Iraq, the oil and now the resources in Afghanistan behind. We now see the long term direction of that fully revealed. We’ve spent a zillion dollars to construct the biggest diplomatic mission of any country anywhere in all the world and have done the same constructing permanent military facilities.

      This is no less than using our military as a tool to bring about an economic result which will no doubt make a ton of money for US corporate interests. Not only that but the revenue from this will be harbored offshore and never have a cent of tax paid on it. All paid for by US taxpayers. Every bit of this is off budget and financed by debt which also makes a ton of money for banking interests. This is without a doubt the biggest rip off of a nation in all of history.

      In all of this we’re talking about a vastly underrated criminal enterprise which funnels huge amounts of money from these same companies through Wall Street which is then directed at political campaigns. The totality of the corruption and certain treason is immense. You need only examine the relationships and look at the outcomes to know all of this. Not one thing about all we’ve observed is in the least bit coincidental. The recession, our foray into the Middle East, the conduct of Wall Street, healthcare costs and everything else is connected. It’s virtually impossible to misinterpret the broad scheme that has been put in place. Anyone who thinks democracy is alive and well is sorely mistaken.

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