Gallup’s Latest Meaningless Poll on Resolution to N.Y. Islamic Center Debate

More damn polling statistics . . .

This one was found over at Josh Marshall’s TPMMuckraker page:

(I highly recommend going and reading the comments)

Now … If this Gallup poll is as off-base as the majority of the recent polling data from the various firms in the California governor’s race I wouldn’t place too much credence in it…

WASHINGTON, D.C. — American faith communities are split on the best way to resolve the disagreement regarding the Islamic center proposed to be built in New York City near the location of the Sept. 11 attacks. Muslims, Jews, other non-Christians and non-religious Americans are more likely to favor retaining the current location as originally conceived, or transforming the center into an interfaith institution. The majority of Catholics, Mormons, and, to a lesser degree, Protestants, believe the center should find another location.


And here is where the rubber meets the road. One can’t overlook the wide margins of polling error possibilities found in a such a worthless poll such as this one.

The maximum margin of sampling error for each religious group is as follows: Protestant (±9%), Roman Catholic (±11%), Jewish (±9%), Muslim/Islam (±9%), Mormon/Latter-Day Saints (±9%), Other Christian Religion (±9%), Other Non-Christian Religion (±11%), No Religion/Atheist/Agnostic (±11%).


Holy cow… ±9% to ±11% possible sampling errors depending on group polled?

Why bother?


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