Class Actions – On the SC Firing Line

We’ll see next week what happens with a current case being heard by the Supreme Court which could end up making class actions mostly extinct. A court ruling favoring AT&T would be a huge blow for consumers and empower companies like AT&T who hardly need a helping hand.

If you read THIS piece from a couple days ago there are some legal types who point out the pro-business stance of this court and thinks the court may well rule against class actions. Not much different than the Citizens United ruling in intent. U.S. corporations are shooting for the moon right now because of this court.

It’s hard to imagine, twenty years from now, looking at the comparative economic numbers and finding them way worse than now. But that is exactly what this court is shooting for.

5 thoughts on “Class Actions – On the SC Firing Line

    1. I just read your piece at the link Dick. Thanks for doing that. It may not make much difference in the end but we need people like you making the effort to inform the citizens of this country. Probably too late, people will figure this out for themselves but by then it’ll come at great cost to straighten up.

      As you know I run a small computer service company and this year I was so pissed with the phone company and their yearly dance with the yellow page listing I told them to shove it. The rate goes up well beyond inflation every year and it’s all on their terms. I have grown to really hate that we have zero power to control anything anymore and have not a soul in congress sticking up for us. My independent streak usually has me ahead of the curve on this stuff. I hope more Americans just say no to all this crap and decide they just don’t need to take the screwing being handed out. Here is something you might like to read when you get a chance. Very informative.

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