4 thoughts on “Bugged-Out Bluedog to Democrats: Drop Trousers Bend Over…

  1. Wow. Okay.

    He had me during the first few paragraphs, and then he lost me completely.

    We need to cut spending on our wars. We need to cut spending on Defense. We need to tax the top 1% earners.

    After that, we need to work on infrastructure and going green. And schools.

    Meantime, we need to allow the LGBT community have their rights in every state AND join our military.

    That’s what we need.

    We need to communicate to the folks on the right that without these things, we will have nothing but gridlock and we need to explain to them just how bad gridlock is.

    Until then, they’ll think that a) gridlock is a great thing and b) they have the upper hand.

  2. jon wisby

    David Kurtz at TPM said it well,

    Today In Shortsightedness

    We’re finally rid of those pesky Blue Dogs that weighed us down in the majority. Now we can go back to being a smug minority.

    1. Well … Good for Kurtz . . .

      From his position of viewing the country through the eyes of a Missourian I can understand his jaded reasoning. And you know, I’m totally surprised he actually put-forth a thought of his own. From watching the front page of TPM since he became Managing Editor, other than his penchant for hiding under the veil of initials by cutting and pasting other un-named bloggers’ thoughts and comments, in addition to his job of pointing to other TPM reporters works, Kurtz hasn’t really done much in the way of formulating and putting forth any of his own personal opinions. And that’s pretty much all that I’ve ever gotten out of reading Kurtz on the front page of TPM. But that one you quote is a real gem.

      But enough of Kurtz. Now, instead of you using Kurtz’ comment, what’s YOUR personal take on the five (5) basic principles on which the Democratic party stands?

      Run, hide, disappear, bend over, grab ankles?

      Good luck with “that” party…


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