Brown or Whitman – Who Would You Have Oversee Your Money?

Frugality is not a Meg Whitman trademark . . .

The latest numbers are in relating to the fundraising totals of each candidate in California.

Projected vote totals:

Brown projected at: 51.4% = 4,194,240 link
Whitman projected at: 46.1% =  3,761,760 ibid.

Whitman will have spent $49.98 per vote cast for her from her current figures of spending $173 million. link

Brown? $8.80. Yes. You read that right. $8.80 per vote. He’s spent $36.9 million ibid.

And my personal answer to the question, “Who Would You Have Oversee Your Money?”

I would elect neither candidate if it came to my family’s personal funds.

But it’s Jerry Brown when it comes to OUR public funds here in California.



4 thoughts on “Brown or Whitman – Who Would You Have Oversee Your Money?

  1. Well ducky any sane person would have to consider real hard before trusting any political party.

    The corruption is widespread and starts with the farce of campaign funding and goes downhill from there. Congress, the SC and WH have dug a hole over the years that is overflowing with plain old lies and dishonesty. The numbers provide insurmountable proof of this.

    What we’re seeing now is the chickens coming home to roost. Anyone with half a brain knows this is what happens when you lie. Any social unit, whether between 2 people or 300 million people, will fail in a climate of lies and dishonesty. Washington is a cesspool of corruption. And a cesspool doesn’t clean up itself.

    1. Tell us something new . . .

      Folks will look to Washington till the proverbial cows come home. All the while California will look West across the wide Pacific and around the rest of the globe until it eventually comes upon that sewer hole in the swamps of DC.

      America Backwards …

      California Forward …

      Search around for that …

      You’ll be hearing more and more about California Forward.


      1. Well I’ve been saying that for a while. I learned that what happens in California eventually makes its way across the states to the rest of us. So when California first had budgeting issues in the 90’s, sure enough….

        And when California gets progressive in her views and does good things, forward-moving things, sure enough, they hit the rest of us too.

        I’m pro-gay and pro-marijuana legalization, so as far as I’m concerned, I like having CA as our bell-weather state. 🙂

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