Defending the Little Guy? Sure . . . Yup … Uh Huh …

Old Beck and his snake oil sales pitch…

I sure hate to get Dick’s blood pressure up but this info has to be shared.

The Chamber of Commerce simply “defends the little guy.” (video)

And if you wish to find out who this charlatan has been working in cahoots with for all this time…

You can view the info from Think Progress that I have mirrored here at the TPM Café Castaways site.

Or … you can go directly to the Think Progress site here.


4 thoughts on “Defending the Little Guy? Sure . . . Yup … Uh Huh …

  1. ~flowerchild~

    I was not surprised to see Dick DeVos on the list, OGD. That a-hole was the Republican nominee for governor here in Michigan last go ’round. Spent over 40 million dollars of his very own money on his campaign. He lost. hahahahahhahaha He really wanted to be governor! There was a piece on him at the time that had him declaring he had earned the right to be in office because he had donated so much money to the Republican Party. Talk about elitist.

    Anyway. We have much the same situation this election where the Republican nominee is Rick Snyder, the former CEO of Gateway. He’s funneled around $14 million of his own money into getting elected. The Democrat nominee is liberal Virg Bernero, the mayor of Lansing. Snyder has a 20 point lead over Bernero at the moment.

    I looked for Snyder’s name on the list, but it wasn’t there. He’s not popular with the Tea Baguettes anyway.

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