Anita Hill, I’d Like to Join Your Fan Club

After seeing the trashing of a woman, again, all over my television and computer screen I felt it time to say something substantial.  School has me wrapped up in a lot right now with cardiac tamponades and tension pneumothoracies, EKGs and spinal cord injuries, so it takes something a big deal to pull me away from my pit of nursing school.

I think about it this way, “What would I do?”  I’d probably go Bjork on his wife and land myself in jail.  Anita Hill has dealt with the entire ordeal, from the moment her story was leaked through this very second with dignity and grace, publicly anyway, I have no idea what she does at home but I would venture to guess, it involves punching bags (or it would if it was me).  So Anita Hill deserves something more than just our respect, she deserves a defensive wall of Progressive women shielding her from further attack.  If we allow the abusers to continually abuse this will never end and Anita Hill will just be another name on the long list of those women who spoke up and paid for it.  She deserves public apologies from the Republican Party, “Justice” Thomas, AND most importantly now his clueless wife.

Anita Hill, I’d like to put my name in for your fan club.  For you and many women who have suffered like you, it is time we say “Enough!”

11 thoughts on “Anita Hill, I’d Like to Join Your Fan Club

  1. Please try to understand this . . .

    In no way would I ever defend Virginia Thomas’ action in this particular incident. or any past remarks she has uttered about Anita Hill.

    Although, if one were to really research the background and and delve into the past history of Virginia’s climb up the social and political ladder in DC you would no doubt understand that she herself is currently the end product of “abuse” in her own right…

    Just working under Dick Armey would qualify as an abuse on it’s own with me.

    We are all products of our own environment.


    1. MSNY

      LOL..’took training at Lifespring…’

      Maybe she’s trying to use her mind control Jedi training to make Anita apologize to poor Clarence.

  2. ~flowerchild~

    I’ll join the club, too.

    There is something shiny about this situation. Attention diverting, I mean.

    This stinks on many levels.

      1. Agreed, and the discussion today/last night at Dag has only confused me further, LOL. I guess this will be a wait-for-the-next-shoe-to-drop kind of thing.

  3. Even after a couple of days I can’t get over how absurd this is. The gulf between reality and fantasy grows bigger each time this episode crosses my mind.

    In our own unique ways we all suffer some manner of disconnect or other but this is definitely an extreme manifestation that just blows me away.

    This same thing has more than a little to do with the place we find ourselves with the distinct possibility that it’ll grow worse in the foreseable future. Not good.

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