There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics…

Which site would you bother with . . .

If you are a numbers and statistics kind of person, at which of the two following sites would you invest your time?

The first site is the Poll Tracker page at Talking Points Memo . . .

There’s a whole lot of graphic doohickeys and generic numbers with absolutely no explanation or context given on how all this gobbledygook works.



And this next site is from Nate Silver at at the New York Times where Nate writes a daily blog, and religiously updates the polling and attempts to explain how everything works. 

Does anyone wish to venture a guess on how much of the TPM budget has gone into their their poll data systems?

Oh and … If you haven’t been over to visit lately they finally were able to find time to clear the last vestiges of the reader blogs from the Cafe page…


Now we can only hope that they are working to reestablish some kind of new reader blog system.

I’ll be the last one holding my breath.

Ducks don’t look good in blue.


6 thoughts on “There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics…

  1. 538 was the only pollster who GOT IT RIGHT.

    Others were so far off it was a big joke. Then some of their results, just before the election changed.

    Most pollsters are damned liars paid by repub ‘think tanks’ and such.

    Anyhow, I do not think Josh is going to reinstitute anything that resembles what we had before, Ducky.

    But who knows. I miss Bwak and Neo and a bunch of our old compadres.

  2. I was over at TPM today to comment on Crist’s race that is falling apart. Boy was I surprised when my avatar showed back up for the first time. Then I looked around in the cafe and went back to the comment but by that time the avatar had changed back to a grey head. I even looked at the menue and clicked on table for one and ect. They have been working on that too. The only one I saw that I recognized that was commenting was Overreach This and Ugg. Everyone else was strangers with new names.

    I don’t care about polls anymore. They have too hard of a time polling Florida.

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