Chile is NOT a tea party nation

If there is one quiet lesson to be learned from the inspiring way that Chile pulled together to locate, care for, and rescue 33 miners, it is a lesson which flies in the face of Tea Party nostrums.

Chile has demonstrated how a society cares for those in need.  It did not spare “many millions” in organizing a world class relief and rescue effort, which went off not only without a hitch, but left the whole world in tears and hugs, with a sense of what human caring and solidarity and trust is all about.

Had the Tea Party been in charge, there likely would never even have been the initial efforts (20 probes or more) to locate the miners.  No, the tea party folk would have told us:  “If these folks want to be rescued, it’s up to them to find their own way to do it.”

Tea Party folk would then have comforted themselves with philosophical words about how the government has no business meddling in the private lives of others.   They would have waxed eloquent over how wonderful it is to ensure the safety of oneself and one’s family, perhaps heaping blame on the workers for not ensuring their own safety ahead of time, and advising the grieving family members to buck up, be strong, and each go their separate ways, firm in the knowledge that the government had not meddled in their lives.

Chile chose a different path.  And we know how the entire world watched in awe and wonder, with a common sense of humanity and decency and joy, at how humans care about each other and will do almost anything to save lives and promote health and welfare.

Think of these two ways of being.  The Chilean way.  The Tea Party way.  Which of them demonstrates the human spirit at its best? That is the way to go.

It’s a simple parable.  Go and do likewise….

12 thoughts on “Chile is NOT a tea party nation

  1. ~flowerchild~

    TheraP, I was thinking much along the same lines last evening when I watched the rescue coverage by the BBC. Would the same event have unfolded in the same way here in America? The cost of business is first and foremost anymore and I hated the idea that entered my mind; that in my country, those trapped miners had a better than good chance of being left to die because it would have been cheaper to pay off their dependents than to save their souls.

    1. We need more of these parables. We need to show how native people, for example, view the interconnection of life differently. That we are all one. I think we have examples like this everywhere. And there is no reason to argue with tea party people on their own ground. Let them show us examples where their philosophy has united the world as ONE – one in hope, one in joy, one in solidarity.

      My own thought about what would have happened here: Dithering! Arguing. Asking the broke company to do its thing. More dithering and arguing.

      Better for my peace of mind to simply point at Chile. Or any other society where they pull together and warm the hearts of the world.

      Peace be with you, dear flower.

      1. And there is no reason to argue with tea party people on their own ground. Let them show us examples where their philosophy has united the world as ONE – one in hope, one in joy, one in solidarity.

        What perfect timing you have, Thera. This morning, on my way to work, I saw a political sign stuck in the ground in front of a supermarket that read, “Yes, Carl, I’m Mad Too!! Vote Carl Paladino!!”

        I thought to myself, why vote for someone who is mad?

        As you point out in your comment, the Tea Party is not FOR anything, so much as they are AGAINST everything. Anger will only get you so far. Eventually, that anger has to be productive, it has to turn creative, it has to be used for the greater good. Otherwise, it’s just plain old anger. Who the heck needs that?

        1. Yes, Lis. What the rescue of the miners proved is that people are HUNGRY for good news. They are yearning for solidarity, for everybody working together for the common good, for mutual sacrifice toward that end.

          The Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of whiners… what a turn-off! They “feel good” knowing other “tea partiers” share in the Group Whine. But the world does not appear to be covering their Pity Party…

          Tea Party: Offering Cups of Whine…

            1. Mad as a Hatter, as they say. (Apparently it was something in the glue they used.. that made them mad.)

              I feel joyful about this post! And your presence here. 🙂

  2. ~flowerchild~

    Oh, and, I ran across a wee funny the other day…

    “Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.”

    That cracked me up.

    1. OMG! Tea Party “cannibalism”! Ah, yes, that’s what the tea party is all about! Tea Party: Feasting on the weak and vulnerable!

      It gives me the Heebee Jeebies! Just thinking about it.

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