Socialism of the Highest Order

As many of you know, I am a nursing student.  In fact in December after taking my boards I will be a Registered Nurse so I’m pretty close to being an official “expert”.  There are a lot of things nurses do, one of the most important functions is education.  Imagine my laughter when I find out that an initiative to educate on healthy eating is “Socialism of the highest order.”  Here’s the thing:

1. Socialism is an Economic system.

2. There are multiple forms of Socialism that differ greatly.

3. There is no means of production to be owned in a healthy eating program.

4. People who use buzzwords usually do not know the meaning of them.

So by this logic, all nurses, teachers, doctors, and anyone who teaches people something are all Socialists since they educate people, specifically nurses because they do focus on nutrition for health promotion and protection.  Man, I wonder what this makes a Nutritionist, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig?  See there are Socialists in our midst and they all want us to lose weight and eat healthy!  They hide behind fruits and vegetables.  Those evil Socialists with their healthy eating, strong hearts, and healthy bodies!

I guess this also means the Cookie Monster has now flipped and became a Socialist.

At least if you are going to make a ridiculous claim, pick up a dictionary and look up the words you are trying to use to scare people with.

6 thoughts on “Socialism of the Highest Order

  1. Wow. Ignorance of the highest order.

    We really do have to “Fight The Crazy!”

    They want to protect all the money to be made by eating lousy I guess… capitalsim means eating crap and dying young… especially if you’re poor. It’s nuts.

    The stupidity behind pure capitalism and rejection of government is that there are a million ways our local, state, and federal governments protect us and manage our freedoms every day. Right now too many freedoms have been given to corporations and they are impinging on the freedoms of the population as a whole.

    Fight the Crazy!

  2. I am really getting tired of everyone on the right screaming “Socialism!” every five minutes. Half of them don’t even know what it is, nor do they stop to think of all the government services we rely on. The idiots.

  3. another trope

    First there’s the Bert and Ernie living their gay lifestyle and now the Cookie Monster is spreading his socialism of the highest order. No wonder our country has gone down the crapper.

    During the last election, I remember Rachel Maddow interviewing some guy going into a McCain Palin rally, who had on the back of jacket the word “socialism” in a circle with a line through it. Of course he had misspelled the word. Maddow asked him to describe what socialism was, and he hemmed and hawed before saying that it between capitalism and communism.

    It never ceases to amaze the virulent strain of anti-intellectualism in this country. Fightin’ the Crazy is hard when the other side is Embracin’ the Stupid.

  4. Junk food lobbies do not like sensible eating! France is a country that cares whether its citizens eat nutritiously. They have long a national policy to make sure people take time to eat good meals, to stay away from snacking, stuff like that. I guess it’s “socialism” to some – but sounds sensible to me.

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