Privilege is no longer what it used to be

Well, I just read this on the bbc:

Pope adviser calls the UK a ‘Third World country’

Of course he denies he meant any harm in that remark.

He alleges the UK is “Third World” because there are so many atheists.  Uh…  I suspect, that when he lands at Heathrow (he specifically mentioned problems landing there) there are lots of people from all over the world.  Could be black.  Could be Asian.  Maybe gay.  Maybe Muslim.  You know: Third World People. Something tells me this is not gonna go over well.  First of all, if you read the article it seems like the cardinal is telling white lies.  At the very least. Keeps digging himself deeper with each effort to ‘splain himself.

Then he goes to say this – that they discriminate against you on an airline when you wear a cross.  Hmm… do you believe that? Um… man wearing long red gown.  On the other hand it would seem that the kind of obeisance prelates are used to is no longer happening. Not for men wearing long red dresses.  Not on airlines.  Not in Britain.  Apparently not in the Third World.

So the guy is now staying home: Solely on health grounds…

This is a new day, folks.  If you are an atheist, you’ve been branded Third World.  Probably also if you’re agnostic. Probably true if you don’t wear a cross.   Probably true of anyone who has spoken out against Vatican hypocrisy.  Right now…. I have likely become Third World.

I’m actually pleased to be counted among the unfaithful – if that’s what it takes.


2 thoughts on “Privilege is no longer what it used to be

    1. BA has already responded this, saying that they do not discriminate against any religion. What’s with these prelates? Talking to a magazine and dissing a country and an airline and an airport!

      It’s a whole new Third World now!

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