Farming … growing the food.

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Old Barn

Took a trip out to Burton Ohio, where I spent the first 14 years of my life, to do some photography. Raining off and on so did not get too much done. On the way just outside the village I stopped at Sunrise Farm. They sell mostly flowers but also have local fruit and produce from the farm. It’s still kind of earl in the growing season so they did not have much yet, though they did have some sweet corn and I got a few ears.

As I cruised around it was sad to see so many small family farms had been either subdivided , left to fall into ruin or where the fields were still being planted but the farms themselves were no longer there. The fields having been rented out to some others to plant. Usually in corn. I had a short talk…

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God Save the Queen…Why America has always been a disaster.

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THE PRINCESS in 1947…flickr creative commons license

First of all the reasons given for the American Revolution that most people have been fed all these years are pretty much a load of whooy. With King George baring much of the blame. Either our founding fathers were ignorant or naive or both, or there were other reasons that were rarely – if ever told. By the 1700s King George had no power at all to govern. The English Civil War put an end to that.

Secondly having a government based exclusively on a two pay system was just asking for trouble. So the situation described by Henry A. Giroux in his current Truthout essay,is no real surprise. There is little or nothing that will change it since there is not institution, group or individual that can claim top be unbiased objectivity. This country is all about politics and finance…

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Conscription or Greetings from The President of the United States

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1942 — WWII draftees at Bus Station on West Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan. – flickr creative commons

Conscription AKA The Draft has been around in one form or another almost since time immortal. China had conscription as early as 221BC. Primarily to keep an army big enough to be used in times or war, some countries as used to for civilian activities as well. A number of countries still have conscription for those 18 to even 64 years of age and lasting anywhere from 1 to 8 years.

The first major use of conscription in the US was during the civil war, which sparked off New York City draft riots. Then for WWI and for WWII. After WWII ended, in 1948 congress passed Selective Service Act of 1948, from which combatants for the Korean War came. Then the Universal Military Training and Service Act in 1951 and Reserve…

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Kids today ..

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today
A bloke called Jerm – flickr creative commons

I have a very difficult time relating to kids. My childhood was so vastly different from theirs in just about every way imaginable, it isn’t funny. No high tech toys, just TV, telephone and radio. I grew up in northeastern Ohio in a very small town, or rather township of Burton Ohio, in Geauga County.

Initially, in the first house my father built, a small two bedroom affair on State Road 87, Kingsman Road. Lived there until I was six years old and we had two brothers younger than me. I was the oldest, first born. My father then bought land on Butternut Road not far from there and built a much larger placeon three acres of land. Nearly all of it wooded, most heavily so. The road was a dirt…

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Andrew Levine on Tea Party Smarts and the poison of Ted Cruz

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Tea Party and Crazy – flickr creative commons license

According to Wikipedia the Tea Party movement, it is not even a party, is …

Several polls have been conducted on the demographics of the movement. Though the various polls sometimes turn up slightly different results, they tend to show that Tea Party supporters tend more likely than Americans overall to be white, male, married, older than 45, regularly attending religious services, conservative, and to be more wealthy and have more education.[135][136][137][138][139] Broadly speaking, multiple surveys have found between 10% and 30% of Americans identify as a member of the Tea Party movement.[9][140] Most Republicans and 20% of Democrats support the movement.[141]

And as Levine points out Ted Cruz and David Brat are the very epitome of this. Both being graduates of the most prestigious private Universities. Both doing very well academically…

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A Star-Spangled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

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Here’s this week’s patriotic heap of haikus:

4th of July-ku:  

The rockets’ red glare,
bombs bursting in air, gave proof
that fireworks are cool.

(3rd line re-write for the diphthong challenged:  “fireworks are cool.”)

 tanka haiku:

John Fluegel played fife,
Tobias Giltner fought in
The Revolution.
Here’s to our ancestors who
fought for our Independence.


At his wife’s urging,
He posed with her step-father.
Happy July 4th!
(Photo circa 1920.  My maternal grandfather and step-great-grandfather.)


A day at the beach
in those days, was more like a
wet pajama fest.

(My maternal grandparents are third and fourth from the left.)


On July 4th of
1903, two boys posed
for my Facebook page.

(My maternal grandfather is on the right)



 There was a time when
waving striped thing-a-ma-jigs
was quite a fun thing.

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Bad Cross Marketing, Cont.

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GatorAde Condom

Pretty sure that this isn’t real, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

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